Action Movies That Looks Like Hollywood Movies

Action Movies That Looks Like Hollywood Movies

One thing you can’t help noticing about the Telugu film industry is its penchant for delivering non-stop entertainment to its audience. The elaborate movie sets, animated songs, pulsating dance moves, splendid camera work, and outstanding production quality, combined with magnificent performances, make the industry a raging force to deal with. The ultimate testimony to Telugu cinema’s popularity is the vast fan lineups outside movie theatres, waiting to catch a sight of their movie stars online.

Unfortunately, though, the Covid-19 and the resultant lockdown gave the Telugu film industry a nerve-wracking setback. Due to the shutdown of cinema halls, audiences had no choice but to sit at home waiting for the restrictions to lift. As such, the industry suffered huge losses due to the lack of audience. However, in the form of OTT platforms, the Telugu film industry found its savior. With most people sitting at home with no access to movie theatres, several OTT platforms were busy providing audiences with their daily entertainment dose. These OTT platforms ensured that viewers quenched their thirst and hunger for their favorite content and enabled them to watch movies online from the comfort of their homes. The OTT platform came across as a boon for the Telugu film industry, which forged itself to deliver stellar productions to entertain its viewers.

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Telugu film releases in recent years comprise of some action movies that look like Hollywood movies. One such movie is Khaidi. The movie never fails to entertain audiences who love watching crime thrillers. All in all, it is an easy one-time watch. Let’s review it.

The Storyline

With the help of an informer, a drug-dealing gang targets certain police intelligence officers to kill a band of five cops who seized drugs worth crores. They supply drug-infused liquor to a private police party. To rescue the police party, an officer named Vijay (Narain) asks for help from a recently-released prisoner, Delhi (Karthi). The remaining story tells us if Vijay can rescue his mates, who Delhi is, his background, and how Delhi helps the police.

Karthi has given his 100% to the movie. The way he has been projected as a wild yet soft-hearted prisoner is worth noticing. The emotional scenes between Karthi and his daughter are well-executed. Narain has done a fabulous job, and his chemistry with Karthi lights up the screen. The other actors in the movie do justice to their respective roles.

SathyanSooryan’s cinematography is excellent. The editing by Philomin Raj is decent. The camera work and lighting lend a perfect texture to the movie. The music and the background score, composed by Sam C.S., breathes life into the film. The director, LokeshKanagaraj, has handled the movie with crystal clear detailing, which audiences would appreciate.


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