Some special features of Tesla car

Tsla ( cars are like the dream of many people due to their many features. Some of its features are very unique which you will not find anywhere else. Let’s know some of them in this article.

Works on Electricity

When we talk about the car, there are some other names also which come along with that. And that is the name of petrol or diesel. However, this is not true in the case of this car. This car runs on electricity and charges and that is the main USP of this car. Just you need to charge your car and you can ride your car once it gets charged. The charging time is not very much also. It takes 1 to 2 hours on average to charge this car fully. On one full charge, this car can cover up to 1000 km.

Large Infotainment screen

Most of us know very well the need for a large screen inside the cars. However, in most of the cars, you will find only small-sized cars. Here in the case of this Tesla car, the situation is very different. In the model S cars of Tesla, you will find a large touch screen of almost 17 inches. This screen can be used to watch movies, see maps, browsing and for many such other features

App facility

Apps are one of the very important tools these days. With the help of one mobile app, we can do many of such things which were thought to be very tough or time taking once. These days all those works can be done easily with the help of an app. However, could you ever imagine that various functions of your cars could be done just by using the various commands of an app? In Tesla cars it’s possible. With the help of an app compatible with the tesla cars, you can command your car just with the help of your mobile, without touching the cars. These commands may be, to shut or open the doors, to switch off and on the flashlight or cars and many other things. Thus with the help of this app, you can control the various activities of your car remotely.

Autopilot mode

This is one of the most amazing features of this car which you will hardly find in any car. With the help of this feature, your car can be driven even without your touch. Though the features of this are very limited, yet it is very helpful in many conditions. You can check the Tesla income statement at before investing.