Top 3 Telugu Movies Of 2020

Top 3 Telugu Movies Of 2020

 2020 was a not-so-good year for the entire nation due to the COVID-19. But the year still managed many movie lovers and individuals to watch some of the best Telugu films of all time. Telugu cinema is well-known across India for its number of movies releasing within a year and massive budgets.

There have been many projects that came up in 2020, and some of them are also available on OTT channels like aha, where you can stream all your favourite Telugu movies. From rom-com and suspense to horror, there have some great and over-the-top movies online that gained plenty of recognition.

 Best Telugu movies of 2020

 Although Tollywood has released quite a few movies, some of those movies are worth watching. Look below!


The movie HIT was a hit in 2020. Directed by Sailesh Kohalu and produced by PrashantiTipirneni, the movie revolves around a traumatized police officer and a missing girl. HIT is pulpy. In other words, it carries diverging raconteurs and misleading defendants, but the brushstrokes all come together in several places effectively, which makes the movie a well-made thriller. Vishwak Sen, MurliSharm, Ruhani Sharma have played their characters impressively, making the movie much more interesting. HIT stands out as a masterpiece that will keep you engaged enough to know more about what will happen next. The film worked well, especially with the large cliff-hanger at the end, which promises a sequel worth watching.


When you are looking for some recent movies online, make sure to check out the movie Mail. It’s a cute movie directed by UdayGurrala and produced by SwapnaDutt and Priyanka Dutt. The movie is packed with an interesting storyline and spirited performance. Stars like HarshithMalgireddy, Sri GouriPriya Reddy, Priyadarshani, and Vannam all portrayed their characters all too well. Their acting is what made the entire movie unique and worth watching as it displays the innocence of youth within small towns. The benefitting climax and situational comedy stand out as good assets of the film. The amazing camerawork showed the entire village cutely. The production value of the movie was also world-class.

 Dirty Hari:

Dirty Hari, directed by MS Raju, is a pretty strange movie. Its film is like a cautionary anecdote that drives you away and draws you in the right at the same time. The movie takes a lot of time setting up Hari’s character, greedy for status, money, and women. Simrat Kaur and Shravan Reddy’s performance falls short at some of the scenes where it requires them to do a lot more.

On the other hand, Ruhani Sharma delivers her role and aces it. Balreddy’s cinematography and Mark K Robin’s music are all added to the story. Hari is an old wine within a brand-new bottle for the majority of the parts. If an erotic thriller is your cup of it, you can give this movie a try.

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Tollywood is home to many reputed actors, actresses, filmmakers, produces, and many other people. The Telugu industry creates some of the best movies each year, including those mentioned in this article. You can check out more great Telugu movies online that you will love aha ott.