WOW TBC Classic – Best Profession Pairings (Part 1)

WOW TBC Classic – Best Profession Pairings (Part 1)

In WOW The Burning Crusade Classic (TBCC), every Profession is viable one way or another, during your travels around the in-game world.

Before deciding on a particular Profession, understanding which jives with the other can help you save all the Gold and time required, if you would need to change to another Profession later on.

Here, you can find all best Profession pairings currently available in WOW TBCC:

    • Pairs with: HERBALISM
    • Herbalism lets you gather multiple rare herbs and materials which are exclusively used in Alchemy, to create potions, flasks and elixirs.
    • Pairs with: MINING
    • Mining will allow you to find multitudes of unique ores on the game, besides improving your chances of gathering more ore than usual.
    • Unquestionably, Blacksmithing requires the ores and materials which Mining provides, making it crucial to have both of these active.
      • In Tailoring, you can certainly enchant certain tier of cloth armour or equipment to provide passive stats to your characters.
      • Leatherworkers can also profit from Enchanting as other enchantments can be specialized for Leather and Mail armours too.
      • Blacksmithing profits by way of enchanting weapons, as opposed to Tailoring and Leatherworking.
        • Pairs with: MINING
        • Another Profession which relies heavily on Mining, Engineering requires exquisite ore and metal for you to create gadgets and equipment.
        • Understandably, the ability to mine these materials prove crucial towards your success as an Engineer.
        • Tune in again for Part 2 of this small guide, coming out soon!

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